Alright. I'm officially out of high school. Graduation is Monday. With that said, I've started a lot of projects without actually making headway into them. The largest of those being...this. The series I've devoted so much of my life to, and yet somehow have done nothing for.

Well, I shouldn't say nothing. I've planned it almost completely. I've just yet to WRITE it.

So basically, yada yada, I promise to update.
Alrighty. I'm in school, but I've got nothing better to do, so I'm going to list the updates I managed to do today.

-Shifted Character profiles and Reference pages to sub-categories of the Restoration archive.
-Actually ADDED the Reference page, which will be used as a kind of Encyclopedia for Vuaemago and the world in Restoration. Also a kind of planning space for me, so don't be surprised if that pages changes. A lot.
-Finished the new layout
-Added two pictures to the photo gallery

....that's all. I'm sorry.
I've gone and drawn up references for most of the characters. I'll upload them later. >.>

Also...I'm gonna be uploading the re-written episodes of Restoration, but I'm doing it with a warning: they're probably gonna change. A lot.
Look, I'm a teenage girl. I change my mind every three seconds. XD
So, more than likely, the episodes will be re-written and re-uploaded multiple times before I actually nail them down.

I'll let you know if something's changed, though. That way you don't have to be reading new material and be all, "...the hell is this!?"

Anyway, yeah. Updates soon. I swur.
Ugh. Why do I never get around to things!?
Okay, I promise that I've actually been doing things. Now that I got a new laptop and a Sprint hotspot for Christmas, the internet is within my grasp.
I've been rewriting Restoration, I just have yet to type it up. I've also redrawn pictures for the character profiles, I'm just touching them up with my shiny new drawin' programs.'ll be updates soon. I promise.
So...I checked this page's stats. There are still people visiting this site.

That...makes me so happy. That I never touch this page, but there are still people checking on it. >u<

Anyway, I swear swear SWEAR that I'll be updating much more often. Because I'm going to use this as my all-around homepage. For lots of things. That being said, the site will probably be getting a complete make-over. I mean COMPLETE. Everything will change.

So please keep checking back. And thanks for sticking with me thus far.

Love and tiddles,
Saki <3
Well, I'll tell you why, title with horrible grammar. You see, I am a teenager. Therefore, I go to school. School requires work, especially when you're in drama.
And when you don;t have internet.

But things are getting better, so expect to see more soon. I promise.
And if I start slacking, you have perm
Okay. First are the updates:
-New episode added
-New Character profiles added

And now for the fun stuff. Conventions!
I went to MetroCon on Saturday. If you visited this site because of the paper you found on the ground, congratulations: you are officially awesome.
I won't go into it in detail here, considering this isn't truly a blog, but I'll get around to posting it in my DA journal tomorrow. I promise.

That's all for now
~Saki-chu actually looks like a website now. I feel so accomplished.
I've just...hit a lazy point with the character profiles. I dun wanna draw everyone right now! TT~TT
So...I'll do it later. 8D

Alright. Now comes the actual information. As you can see, I've got some stuff written out, everything's planned, yada yada. I just want to wait until I get an actual crew to get this project started. I'll need editors...animators...assistant writers...the whole deal. Now, if you believe you can fulfil these positions, by all means let me know. There's a contact form on the home page.

Well...that's it now. There'll be more information when I update later.
See ya.
~Saki-chu we go. I said I would make a site and I did. Let's hope it doesn't die like the last one did...
Actually, no! I don't accept it! It wasn't my fault! Stupid friggin' Piczo was being...stupid.

Anyway, let's review all the things I've accomplished:
1) Made a site
2) Wrote the first few episodes
3) Finished the Sakura UTAU voicebank
4) Completed a bit of concept art

I'd say I'm on a roll~! Just need to perfect a few things, and then I'll start posting REAL info here. Alright? Alright.

See ya soon!
-Saki-chu <3