Alrighty. I'm in school, but I've got nothing better to do, so I'm going to list the updates I managed to do today.

-Shifted Character profiles and Reference pages to sub-categories of the Restoration archive.
-Actually ADDED the Reference page, which will be used as a kind of Encyclopedia for Vuaemago and the world in Restoration. Also a kind of planning space for me, so don't be surprised if that pages changes. A lot.
-Finished the new layout
-Added two pictures to the photo gallery

....that's all. I'm sorry. actually looks like a website now. I feel so accomplished.
I've just...hit a lazy point with the character profiles. I dun wanna draw everyone right now! TT~TT
So...I'll do it later. 8D

Alright. Now comes the actual information. As you can see, I've got some stuff written out, everything's planned, yada yada. I just want to wait until I get an actual crew to get this project started. I'll need editors...animators...assistant writers...the whole deal. Now, if you believe you can fulfil these positions, by all means let me know. There's a contact form on the home page.

Well...that's it now. There'll be more information when I update later.
See ya.
~Saki-chu we go. I said I would make a site and I did. Let's hope it doesn't die like the last one did...
Actually, no! I don't accept it! It wasn't my fault! Stupid friggin' Piczo was being...stupid.

Anyway, let's review all the things I've accomplished:
1) Made a site
2) Wrote the first few episodes
3) Finished the Sakura UTAU voicebank
4) Completed a bit of concept art

I'd say I'm on a roll~! Just need to perfect a few things, and then I'll start posting REAL info here. Alright? Alright.

See ya soon!
-Saki-chu <3