Alrighty. I'm in school, but I've got nothing better to do, so I'm going to list the updates I managed to do today.

-Shifted Character profiles and Reference pages to sub-categories of the Restoration archive.
-Actually ADDED the Reference page, which will be used as a kind of Encyclopedia for Vuaemago and the world in Restoration. Also a kind of planning space for me, so don't be surprised if that pages changes. A lot.
-Finished the new layout
-Added two pictures to the photo gallery

....that's all. I'm sorry.
Ugh. Why do I never get around to things!?
Okay, I promise that I've actually been doing things. Now that I got a new laptop and a Sprint hotspot for Christmas, the internet is within my grasp.
I've been rewriting Restoration, I just have yet to type it up. I've also redrawn pictures for the character profiles, I'm just touching them up with my shiny new drawin' programs.'ll be updates soon. I promise.
Okay. First are the updates:
-New episode added
-New Character profiles added

And now for the fun stuff. Conventions!
I went to MetroCon on Saturday. If you visited this site because of the paper you found on the ground, congratulations: you are officially awesome.
I won't go into it in detail here, considering this isn't truly a blog, but I'll get around to posting it in my DA journal tomorrow. I promise.

That's all for now